Home Politics BREAKING: Another DNC staffer found dead in DC

BREAKING: Another DNC staffer found dead in DC


Another DNC staffer has been found dead, adding to the mystery surrounding Seth Rich’s murder last year. The circumstances of the latest killing make it all too intriguing for those who have consistently sought for the truth behind Rich’s death.

Former DNC data operation specialist Daniel Severn was found in an alley off of U St. in Washington DC on Monday morning. A police source reports that Severn’s throat was slit, yet none of his personal belongings had been taken. According to Metro Police, Severn’s expected time of death occurred around 4 AM on Monday morning, and his body was discovered by a construction worker at approximately 7 AM the same day.

Police have no known leads in the investigation, and they say that the murder occurred in an alley that isn’t covered by neighboring businesses security cameras.

“Whoever did this. They knew exactly what they were doing,” reported one police source. “They knew the location and they knew they wouldn’t be caught.”

Last summer, Seth Rich, another DNC data operations specialist, was murdered walking home from a bar in DC. His murder has stoked theories about his death, namely because police have provided no evidence supporting the theory that he was mugged. Earlier this year, several prominent news sources, including Sean Hannity, implied that Rich was murdered as part of some kind of DNC coverup. Former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazille supported this claim in her latest book.

Police are still looking into this latest DNC murder, but we will bring you the latest when we have it.


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