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BREAKING: Antifa “super soldiers activated” in Dallas


For weeks, rumors have circulated around the Internet about Antifa’s “super soldiers” hitting the streets to spread their anti-Trump message through violence and intimidation. Now, some of the first pictures of those “super soldiers” are being released.

This picture of armed “super soldiers” with red Antifa masks began spreading around the Internet on Saturday afternoon, noticeably on the same day that Antifa is holding rallies to remove Trump nationwide.

The picture first appeared on a private direct messaging channel that Antifa activists use to organize their events and spread their propaganda. The picture is paired with what appears to be Muslim extremist fighters, signaling that Antifa’s soldiers feel that they are on some form of culture jihad in America

The photo was captioned with the following message: “Our super soldiers have been activated. Dallas, Texas. RESIST!”


We are following up on this story and will have more soon.


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