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WOW: Look at all of these EMPTY NFL stadiums this week!

The nation-wide boycott of the NFL certainly didn't appear to let up in Week 6 judging from the empty seats!


The National Football League received the message loud and clear this weekend when stadiums across the country were EMPTY for the NFL’s Week 6 games.

Those who decided to buy a ticket and visit stadiums in major American cities were certainly shocked to find that no one else was joining them!  Fans began tweeting out pictures of the empty seats shortly after kickoff of the early Sunday games.

Neither President Trump nor Americans have decided to cut the NFL any slack as players on several teams continue kneeling and even sitting during the playing of the national anthem.  Judging from the empty seats, it’s apparent that the nationwide boycott of the NFL season is still in-effect, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

“I said that I wasn’t going to another game, and I meant it,” wrote one angry ex-fan on his Twitter account.

Another man, who served two tours in Iraq, said he sold his season tickets as soon as the protest began to spread early this season, and he doesn’t regret it one bit.  “I’m finding better things to do on Sunday afternoon.  I’m playing with my kid.  I’m cooking lunch with my wife.  I don’t need the damn NFL to be happy,” he wrote.

For the fifth straight week, NFL ticket sales dropped, with some analysts estimating a decrease in sales of up to 35%.  This follows a 31% drop in ticket sales during Week 5 of the season.  Television ratings have also followed suit.

What do you think of these empty stadiums?  Are you going to be going to another NFL game?


  1. Nope, but I went to the Tampa Bay Lightning season opener over the weekend, and it was great! Hockey is awesome. I don’t know why I waited so long to find this out. I’m finding out a lot of great things since I turned off the NFL. Incidentally, both teams stood for our anthem and the crowd sang along. It was very moving by comparison.

  2. They all could get on their knees and beg forgiveness and I wouldn’t watch another game. I won’t purchase or wear any NFL gear ever again. I know the their hearts and they are black.

  3. Won’t watch another game on TV buy another ticket or buy any NFL merchandise ever again. Our whole family is done with them and sick of it. We are boycotting any restaurant that is showing the game on their TV’s to the point of walking right back out and going somewhere else to eat. Not watching any TV station that carries their games or buying anything for any company that is advertising during their games. I hope the super bowl is a no show and they can’t even sell a ticket. We need to stand up to their trying to bully the very people who actually pay their salary and anyone else who supports them I want to see them all in the unemployment line.


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