This Brand-New Sex Position Makes Your D**k Feel BIGGER (Step-by-Step Instructions)

deep penetration sex

How To Have Deep Penetration Sex That Gives Her So Much Pleasure She Gets “Addicted” To Your Manhood (No Matter Your Size)…

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Doggy style…


These are just a few of the most popular–and most pleasurable–sex positions out there.

They're the “classics,” if you will.

And while these positions are classics for a reason… when it comes to sex, there's no shortage of new positions to experiment with.

But sometimes it can be hard to tell which positions will actually bring you more pleasure–and which ones are just a contortion torture challenge.

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Thankfully, there's one new position in particular that is both easy to do, AND super pleasurable.

It'll make the sensation of sex more intense for you–and it will also allow you to go deeper, which makes you feel “bigger” inside her.

(Because while size isn't the *only* thing that matters to women during sex, studies show your length and girth ARE connected to her pleasure. And depending on which position you use, you can make your d**k feel girthier and longer to the women you're with.)

So today, I'm going to show you what that position is, and how to use it for deeper penetration and better sex right away.

Let's dive in. 😉

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How Your Position Affects Her Pleasure (And Why It's Way More Powerful Than You Probably Think)…

A lot of guys assume that doggy style is the best for deep penetration, and that it's easiest to hit a woman's G-Spot this way.

This may have been true 10 years ago… but it's not necessarily the case any more.

Because different women have different anatomies, some women's G-Spots are located further inside the vaginal canal than others.

And so while doggy might feel amazing for some women…

It might feel pretty “whatever” to others.

On top of this, there are a lot of other factors to consider.

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A lot of women like to feel an emotional connection during sex–it actually adds to their pleasure.

And during doggy, this is hard to achieve because there are limited opportunities for eye contact.

This could affect certain women's ability to enjoy the sex.

Your pace has a big effect on how much pleasure a woman receives during sex as well.

And when you're behind her in doggy, it may be difficult for her to control the pace or let you know if it's too fast or too slow–especially if you're really pounding her hard.

Which explains why even if it might be physically easier for a woman to come in doggy style… many women report actually enjoying missionary more.

So what can you do?

If you really want to go deep in her… is there something else you can try?

Thankfully, the answer is “yes.”

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Introducing: The Sex Position That “Hooks” Her In & Makes You a Sex God in Her Eyes…

The position is called “The Hook,” and here's how it works:

Basically, this is a variation of missionary, where you first have the woman lie down on her back.

Then, you get on top of her, and have her “hook” her legs up over your shoulders.

From there, you can control the speed–and she can hold onto your thighs to help guide you as well.

To make the sensation even more intense, you can even have her cross her ankles behind your head!

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The reason this position makes you feel “bigger” is because of the increased pressure inside of her.

Because when you have her lift her legs over your shoulders, it creates a sharper angle of penetration–and it tightens her as well, so the sensation will be more intense for both of you.

Now, this doesn't mean that it's only a good position for “average” guys or guys who want to seem “bigger.”

This can be a great way to spice up your sex life or have hotter sex in general! (Regardless of your size *down there.*)

And that's because mixing things up in the bedroom can make sex hotter in and of itself. Sometimes, even showing that you're willing to experiment can be super hot to a woman.

But of course, there are a lot of other ways to experiment and have more fun in the bedroom.

And a lot of these other “tricks” aren't just fun to try–in fact, they can even help you go deeper and last longer inside her too…

Here's what I mean:

This Brand-New Sex Position Makes Your D**k Feel BIGGER (Step-by-Step Instructions)

How To Penetrate Her Even DEEPER (& Last Longer Too)…

It might not surprise you to hear this, but most of these new sex positions and “tricks” come from porn.

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Last longer during sex…

And even get harder faster too…

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on October 21, 2019.]

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