4 Business Collection Grants and How to Apply for Them    

4 Business Collection Grants and How to Apply for Them    

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Business collection grants can be understood as the funding companies obtain to assist their needs to expand. These are given to people, nonprofits, businesses, and corporations. On the other hand, several private and government agencies essentially provide funds to businesses for the debt settlement process.

However, if you are here looking forward to going for Manage overdue payments and getting business collection grants, then wait. Just read until the end to learn all types of business collection grants and how you can apply for them.

#1: Assistance for Companies that are not Qualified for Other Programmes

One of the first types of funds you can count on is Discretionary Subsidies Fund which can assist you in running a firm with fixed real estate expenditures. These are specially for those who have been turned down for other government grants.

This fund is for various businesses, including market vendors, bed and breakfast establishments, and others that use council tax rather than business rates.

Anyone who has filed a claim for funding under another government grant program may not be eligible to apply. On the other hand, you must first visit the local council’s website, as they are responsible for allocating the funds, conducting grant selection procedures, and managing applications.

#2: Facebook Small Business Grants

Social media platforms like Facebook have committed to investing around $100 million. It is to offer access to funding to more than 30,000 qualified small enterprises spanning over 30 countries.

To be eligible for this fund, your business should have between two and fifty employees, existing over a year, and must have experienced difficulties during the global pandemic.

If you are finding any kind of hassle to apply for this, you can count on the best debt collection agency like Credit Q.

#3: Funding for Young Entrepreneurs

Another business collection grant you can apply for is The £5 million Enterprise Relief Fund. This is for the young business entrepreneurs to provide them with one-on-one support and financial grants.

To be eligible for this fund, the business owner should be between 18 and 30, have started the business within the last four years, and not have much capital to support it. Moreover, there are three types of grants, but you can apply for more than one with the help of the best debt settlement service provider, Credit Q.

#4: Salesforce Grants for Small Business

To help businesses cope with the epidemic, Salesforce collaborated with small business networks to offer around  £5,000 in grants.

The program focuses on companies that have not received any support or assistance from the government. To be eligible for this, businesses should be located in the UK, must be at least a year old, and employ two to fifty people.

Apply for the Business Collection Grant without Any Hassle

Applying for a business collection grant to manage overdue payments may seem like a lot of work. In that case, you can come to us at CreditQ, the market leader in Business Credit Management and Information Platforms.

With years of experience and a team of knowledgeable individuals, we ensure you are assisted throughout. We do our best to apply for business collection grants in a hassle-free way. Furthermore, as the best debt settlement service provider, we aim to offer you all the services at highly affordable rates.

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