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Ceramic Coating V. Waxing: The Best Option For Your Car

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A car’s paint is the most the part of your car that is most vulnerable to damage due to numerous damaging agents like UV rays, scratches, acid rain, and bird droppings, among many more. Moreover, it is only sometimes possible to cover your car and safeguard the protection. Therefore the automotive market has come up with numerous solutions which often confuse customers between two of the most common type of paint protection: ceramic coating v. waxing.

While both of these add a bright shine to your car paint and your car’s exterior, their functions differ from each other. The main function of car wax is to beautify your car paint and increase its gloss and shine. It doesn’t offer any helpful protection against damaging agents. They only make your car’s appearance richer and are used after washing your vehicle with the best car wash shampoo.

On the other hand, ceramic coating is a layer of protection installed on your car paint that effectively protects against scorching heat and UV rays during summer, acid rain drips, mineral deposits, any damage from chemicals, and various other pollutants. Before installing a ceramic coating or waxing, you must ensure that your vehicle is washed properly with the best car washing accessories and dried well.

Ceramic Coating v. Waxing: Which One to Choose?

To understand the difference between car wax and ceramic coating, it is important to know the difference in manufacturing both products. The level of protection that they secure for the car and their durability. 

However, the ultimate decision depends on the lifestyle, environment, car detailing frequency and the car owner’s lifestyle. Here is all the important information about both the products that will help you to finalise your decision.

How Is Car Wax Manufactured?

Car wax is made from a variety of natural substances and artificial ones, including montan, carnauba wax and paraffin. The product transforms from solid to liquid at ambient temperatures, which serves as a protective layer on your original vehicle paint. Therefore, if any damaging agents come in contact with the car’s exterior, they first come on the wax and safeguard your car paint.

How Are Ceramic Coating manufactured?

Ceramic coatings are manufactured by mixing inorganic substances such as silica, silicon dioxide and quartz and are thus formed under high pressure. This makes the product more durable and capable of providing more protection to your car paint.

Which One Offers Better Protection Of Car Paint?

Since ceramic coatings are inorganic and strong substances manufactured under intense heat, they offer better protection for car paint than wax. Ceramic coating resists harmful UV rays and direct heat, causing damage to the paint, environmental pollutants, bird droppings, and road dust and grime.

Car wax will be a good choice if you want to embellish the shine of your car and make it look anew. Car wax is also easy to apply on your car and doesn’t allow the pollutants to settle on the glossy surface of your car.

Can Both Ceramic Coating And Car Wax Be Merged?

You can if you want to add extra protection to your car paint. In such a case, first, you need to install the ceramic coating and then apply wax. However, as both of these offer a protective layer on your car paint, using both will cost you extra bucks and, at the same time, lead you to the same results. Therefore it would be best if you selected a single one according to your requirements. 

Costing and Durability of Ceramic Coating versus Car Wax:

Car wax is a budget-friendly option as compared to ceramic coating. Ceramic coating is an expensive process that needs both time and effort. Moreover, the material offers the utmost durability. The lifespan of a good quality ceramic coating can range between 3-5 years. 

Therefore they offer the utmost cost-effectiveness in the long run. But a car wax needs to be reapplied once every three months. Although they come much cheaper, you need to indulge in frequent replacements. 

Final Thoughts:

Therefore the debate concerning ceramic coating v. waxing which will be best primarily depends on the service you expect. The ceramic coating will be the best option if you want full-fledged protection for your car paint and an attractive gloss and shine. You can choose anyone that will satisfy your expectation.

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