Did Nezuko Become Human?

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Whether you have read the manga or not, you have probably heard of the manga character of Nezuko. She is a young girl who becomes a demon by turning into a snake and getting into a fight with her brother. However, after she turns into a demon, she gets married to Zenitsu, which leads to her transformation into a human again. But what exactly happened to her during this transformation?


Whether or not the characters of Nezuko become human is a debate that continues to grow among fans. However, it is clear that Nezuko’s demonic form comes with a price. She is able to battle and kill other demons, but she also has to go through many trials.

Before Nezuko’s transformation into a demon, she was a very caring girl. She was devoted to her family. She would put them first, rather than herself. Her family was killed by an undead demon. As a result, she had a hard time controlling her desire to eat human flesh. Fortunately, Tanjiro was able to help her. She gave her medicine to treat her.

Nezuko is able to control her desire to eat human flesh by sleeping for a long period of time. This allows her energy to recharge. She has also been able to defeat the powerful demon Daki.

Early life

During Nezuko Kamado’s early life, she was a compassionate girl who took care of her family. She would put family and friends before herself. She grew up on a mountain along with her brother Tanjiro Kamado. During this time, she had to sleep for long periods of time in order to regain her strength.

After Nezuko’s transformation into a Demon, she started to lose her human memories. She began to become detached from her family and friends. She did not speak for several years, and even began to stutter. She also began to become more demonic in appearance. She gained a white horn from the right side of her forehead. She also began to have vein-like patterns on her skin.

As a result, she has developed a powerful willpower. This has helped her to become an extremely powerful Demon. She has overpowered Temple Demons and Swamp Demons. She also has an extraordinary growth rate. She could rival Upper Rank demons in just a few months.

Transformation into a demon

During Nezuko’s transformation into a demon, she develops a strong Blood Demon Art that allows her to attack more easily. In addition, her Blood Demon Art increases her strength and regeneration.

During the first battle, Nezuko tries to run away from the fight because of her exhaustion. However, she ends up falling to the ground. She falls into the berserk state, which only ends after Tanjiro sings a lullaby. She then returns to normal.

During Nezuko’s transformation, she gains a horn on her forehead. It is a short, white horn. She also has a vein-like pattern around her left eye. Unlike other demons, she is able to walk in the sun without burning.

Nezuko’s blood is full of antibodies that are meant to counteract Muzan Kibutsuji’s demonic blood. During her transformation, she received a lot of blood from Muzan, which enabled her to grow stronger. In addition, she developed an unusual ability to transform back into her human form. This ability is called Enhanced Regeneration. It enables her to solidify her blood at will.

Return to human

Throughout the series of Demon Slayer, Nezuko is a demon. This makes her different from other demons. She is the only one who does not devour human flesh. She also retains a portion of her human nature.

She has a mother and an older brother who sell charcoal. They live in a mountain village. Nezuko helps out with the chores around the house and she is also Tanjiro’s younger sister. Nezuko is also a demon-slayer. This is why she has many trials. She must kill strong demons. She also has to protect her family.

Tanjiro and Nezuko have a special bond. When Tanjiro was younger, he helped her with her research. He also has a lot of kindness toward demons. The two have become friends. Tanjiro has tried numerous times to help Nezuko calm down.

Marriage to Zenitsu

Several years after Nezuko’s transformation, she is not speaking. She is not afraid to put herself in harm’s way and she is not afraid to protect her friends and family from Demons. She is also a very caring and responsible older sister to her younger siblings. She has a bamboo mouthpiece that is rarely removed.

When Zenitsu first sees Nezuko, he is amazed. He has never seen her in her berserker mode. He also never witnessed her struggle to avoid eating. He was impressed with her caring nature and her ability to take care of her younger siblings. He also mentions his admiration of her when he sees her.

Nezuko and Zenitsu are soon married. Zenitsu is very affectionate towards Nezuko. He tries to persuade her to marry him. When he sees her, he will do all he can to protect her.

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