How Can You Send Bulk WhatsApp messages?

How Can You Send Bulk WhatsApp messages?

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Businesses are increasingly preferring to send bulk messages via WhatsApp as it makes it easier for them to communicate with their large customer base.

Most users love WhatsApp. Considering that it has a large user base, it is a more convenient and reliable communication tool. WhatsApp mass messaging makes it easy for you to grow your business, increase brand sales, and connect with customers.

Just over 53% of WhatsApp users prefer to shop from companies they can chat with. With this method, customers can easily search for goods on their displays. In addition, WhatsApp is free for everyone, whether you are a national or an international user.

However, the problem is how to send WhatsApp messages in bulk.

At the end of this article, you will learn how to send WhatsApp bulk messages.

What Are WhatsApp Bulk Messages?

When communicating with each other or sending and receiving messages, people use WhatsApp. WhatsApp users can easily share text, media and PDF files.

Sharing is recognized as an important technique to promote a business or product, but organizations large and small need to share the same information with hundreds or thousands of people at the same time, rather than just one or two. We use WhatsApp group messages.

There are 340 million WhatsApp users in India and using this app for marketing is a winning strategy.

73% of users prefer the app over email and other marketing methods.

WhatsApp Mass Messaging is the process of sending messages to the mailing list to promote your business, make offers and send notifications.

How to Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages:

WhatsApp bulk messaging is used to send messages to multiple recipients at once. One of the following techniques can be used to send bulk WhatsApp messages at once:

  • WhatsApp Group:

By creating a WhatsApp group on the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Business app, you can send WhatsApp messages in bulk. Add all recipients to the WhatsApp group after it is created and then ask them to send you messages.

  • Broadcast list:

Setting up a mailing list also allows you to send WhatsApp bulk messages.

To create a mailing list, the procedures listed below should be followed:

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp Business app

Step 2: Go to the menu

Step 3: New broadcast list

Send WhatsApp bulk messages to the list after adding each person to the list. With the WhatsApp Business app, you can send messages to up to 256 people at the same time.

  • Bulk WhatsApp message service provider:

A third-party program is an additional and better way to send WhatsApp bulk messages. You can send bulk SMS and strengthen your relationship with customers through the many WhatsApp service providers.

Consider GetitSMS.

The above techniques are used to send bulk WhatsApp messages through the API without relying on any external service provider.

If you use the API, you must use a service that sends WhatsApp bulk messages, e.g. B. GetitSMS. Just select a WhatsApp bulk messaging service provider, mention the contacts you want to send the message to, compose the message and then send to complete the process of sending WhatsApp bulk messaging via API.

However, the behaviour of this method can vary depending on the service provider using the API. Also, your company needs API permission to send WhatsApp bulk message. It is not for personal use. And to get permission, you need to request the official WhatsApp API. To do this, you will need a verified Facebook Business Manager ID, a verified WhatsApp phone number, and a business view number.

If you decide to use WhatsApp’s bulk messaging services, please note that your phone number may be blacklisted as spam. Upon receiving a complaint, WhatsApp may restrict a user’s phone, resulting in loss of official business contact.


For most businesses, WhatsApp mass messaging is the primary marketing channel. It has proven to be a popular marketing tool among all users as they can easily contact the brand to shop and find out about offers and discounts. If you want to send bulk WhatsApp messages yourself via API, follow the instructions in this article. However, if you want to send bulk WhatsApp messages using the Application Programming Interface (API), you need to turn to a third-party application or WhatsApp bulk messaging provider.

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