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Right Trading Procedure To Invest In Stock Exchange

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Any individual can start online trading by following a few steps. Through stock exchange trading, an investor can earn money and make savings. Investors can multiply their savings by investing regularly. Investors can start by investing any amount as there is no minimum limit of investment. However, there is a process of investing money in the stock market. This process is essential to hold securities and make transactions with ease. In this article, the process of stock market trading and tips to investors are given in detail.

Stock Exchange trading procedure 

The process of stock exchange trading lays down the steps involved from selecting a broker to completing order settlements. An investing app makes the stock trading process much simpler and more flexible. Though the investment process remains the same for every investor, these steps are crucial for seamless transactions. The steps involved in starting stock market trading are as follows:

Select a broker 

Selecting a broker is the first step to start investing in stocks. A stock market broker can be an individual, corporate body, or partnership firm. The stock broker should be SEBI registered. An investor should select a genuine broker, as there are many fraudulent stock brokers.

Open a Demat account

An investor can hold shares electronically through a Demat account. A Demat account is created through a depository participant. With a Demat account, an investor can know about IPO India (Initial Public Offering) and also trade in the secondary market. The participating depositories are registered with NSDL (National Securities Depository Ltd.) or CDSL (Central Depository Services Ltd.). The depository participant selected interacts with the investors on behalf of the depositary.

Documents an investor needs to submit to open a Demat account are:

  • Proof of identity: investors must be Indian residents.
  • Proof of age: An individual must be more than 18 years of age.
  • KYC documents

Place an order 

Once the Demat account is open and linked to the savings account, an investor can start trading. To place an order, investors must specify the range and price at which they want to buy shares. Placing an order can be done through the depository participant selected or with the help of stock market trading apps.

Execution of the order 

To execute an order, a stockbroker fulfils an order made by an investor. When an order is placed by investors to purchase or sell shares, it’s sent to your broker. The broker decides how the execution of the order is made. After the successful order execution, the broker prepares a contract note. The order note has all the details of the securities and parties involved.


The last step of stock market trading is the final settlement. In this step, the securities are transferred to the investor. Order settlements can be of two types: on-the-spot settlement and forward settlement. An on-the-spot settlement means the order is executed and settled immediately. A forward settlement, on the other hand, is listed for completion after a few days of order execution.

Points to be considered while investing in the stock market 

There are a few strategies that will help investors to make better earnings from stock market trading. By following these points, investors can reduce the chances of risk and build their wealth over time.

  • Make an analysis of the stock market and securities.
  • Have an investment strategy depending on the capital available and desired returns.
  • Decide a suitable time horizon to make investments and earn high returns.
  • Monitor the investments made regularly.
  • Invest in diverse funds to reduce the risk.

online trading

Online stock trading apps are gaining traction in the financial market. There are several benefits associated with share market trading mobile apps. Trading apps simplify the process of placing trade orders on the stock exchanges in the online trading system.


Starting stock market trading does not take a lot of time because of online trading. While investing, the key consideration to make is the risk and returns involved. For that investment to be successful, register with genuine stock brokers. The popularity and rise of the stock market have increased scams. Because of the fraudulent brokers in the market, many investors have lost money. After creating a Demat account, you can purchase or sell any securities.

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