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The Best Black Friday Electric Scooter Deals 2022

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You can get to work faster with the best Black Friday deals on an electric scooters. Because it’s the big day itself, the best sales are already available, so check out the best deals we’ve found so far below. We scoured the internet for the best scooter Black Friday deals. We’re tracking all of the top Black Friday deals, so keep checking back for more.

Top 5 Black Friday Electric Scooter Deals:

To be picky, the rear mudguard is brittle, and the wiring could be neater, but these are minor problems. If you can deal with the limitations, this scooter will last a long time.

Kaabo Mantis Review

The Kaabo Mantis electric scooter offers excellent value for money. It’s simple to put together and ride. It has a long battery life and a lot of power. This scooter is ideal for anyone searching for a low-cost, dependable mode of transportation.

Kaabo Mantis Pro Review

The Mantis Pro has an integrated headlight, taillight, and brake light, making it safe to ride at night. It also has a basket for storing items.

EMOVE Cruiser Review

The EMOVE Cruiser is an excellent electric scooter for anyone looking for an eco-friendly way to get around town. It’s simple to use and has a comfortable seat, so you can ride in comfort. The Cruiser is also lightweight and foldable for easy transportation.

The fluidfreeride city rider electric scooter offers excellent value for money. It has a strong motor and a large battery with plenty of range. The scooter is also well-built and sturdy. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low-cost electric scooter.

Are you concerned about the life of your battery? The EMove Cruiser is powered by a powerful 52V 30AH Li-ion battery that can travel up to 50 miles (80 kilometres) on a single charge. The majority of electric scooters only travel about two-thirds of the distance! Its 600W (1,600W peak) motor is especially impressive, with speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h).

The EMove Cruiser has all of the characteristics you’d expect from a high-end scooter in terms of safety and handling. The first item on the list is the smart LCD control panel, which displays your riding mode, battery life, speed, and odometer.

Then there are the twin Xtech semi-hydraulic disc brakes on each wheel, allowing you to stop on a dime when needed. Its 22.5-inch-wide handlebars offer an ergonomic grip and riding position for more comfortable rides. This scooter has an alternative seat arrangement for greater comfort and stability for scooter enthusiasts who wish to travel long distances.


As previously stated, the EMove Cruiser electric scooter is powered by a 600W motor with a peak output of 1600W. Although it may not appear to have much power, you’ll be surprised at how smooth it is on inclines up to 10 degrees. Accelerating to top speed is simple, and getting the scooter moving only takes a few seconds!

This massive power is supported by pneumatic auto-grade tyres, which securely grip the road and make it easy to handle slopes and uneven terrains. The dual suspension absorbs stress and impacts from uneven roads, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.


The EMove Cruiser’s 1600W peak motor allows this electric scooter to reach speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h) without exhibiting any signs of strain and also checks these eriders.

Its controller, on the other hand, has been fine-tuned to provide enough range rather than thrilling acceleration. Expect reasonable but not spectacular acceleration even on flat and smooth terrain. Despite this, the EMove Cruiser accelerates quickly and maintains peak speed better than most other e-scooter brands we’ve tested.

Battery Life

The EMove Cruiser electric scooter’s crown jewel is the massive LG battery. Most scooters in this price range come with a 52v 30AH battery, which is up to three times more powerful and lasts three times as long. While having a high-voltage lithium-ion battery is beneficial, having the support of a renowned manufacturer (LG) that manufactures its goods in ISO-certified facilities is far more useful.

The Cruiser boasts one of the longest ranges we’ve observed, capable of travelling 50 miles when fully charged (81 km). This makes it a fantastic alternative for long-distance or short-distance commuters who only need to charge their gadget every few days, if not weeks!

Motor Configuration

In terms of motor power, the EMove Cruiser has a 600W motor with a maximum output of 1600W. This can handle up to 350 pounds (158 kg), which is the equivalent of two average-sized people!

The muscular motor, which sits securely at the back tyre, is powered by a strong 50V 30AH battery. The manufacturer promises a range of 62 miles (100 kilometres), however real-world data shows that the motor rarely exceeds 50 miles (81 km). Even so, it’s a remarkable accomplishment that many scooters can only dream of.

Ride Comfort

Even on bumpy roads, the EMove Cruiser delivers a near-perfect ride. Its dual suspension front and rear, large deck, and durable pneumatic automobile-grade tyres improve stability and provide one of the best rides on an electric scooter.



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