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The Reason Why Entrepreneurs of India Rely on Virtual Numbers

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A virtual number for business is a cloud-based number that is used to route incoming calls. When customers call on the virtual number for business, it is directly transferred to a preferred agent or an expert. Indian entrepreneurs use virtual numbers to easily expand their business in the local, national and international markets.

There are mainly two types of virtual numbers:

  1. Local numbers: A business can select local virtual numbers. It can help to increase the pickup rate while lowering the call expenses.
  2. Toll-free numbers: A business can get a toll-free number to enhance customer engagement rate.

Top Reasons to Rely on Virtual Numbers

Some of the reasons why entrepreneurs of India reply on virtual numbers for business are as follows:

  1. Multi-level and multi-lingual support: Virtual numbers can be easily integrated with IVR which can offer multi-level and multi-lingual support. A multi-level menu assists the customers to choose from various options as per their needs and concern. IVR menu offers self-service options to the customers. They can identify their issues and seek assistance accordingly. However, if needed the customers can directly be routed to the agents.

Multi-lingual support option reduces the language and communication barrier between customers and the business. It offers both personalized and professionalized service to the customers. It increases communication, and engagement and helps people to connect better. With this feature, the Indian entrepreneur can easily expand their market reach beyond local geographical boundaries. It makes a business more acceptable and accessible.

  1. Remote call handling: Virtual numbers can easily handle business calls from anywhere. As calls are easily routed to the agents, there is the least chance of missing a lead. The calls can be easily transferred to the agent’s mobile or landline number. It also helps agents to work remotely, thus promoting flexible working conditions. A business can offer this flexibility to the agents that help in offering a healthy work environment and also ensures quality service delivery.
  2. Call recording: Each call is a recording that gives the agents and the business real-time insights. All the available data that includes the caller’s history, location, and concern helps the business. It helps a business to identify and categorize regular and potential clients. It helps to immediately address the concern of the regular client, or route their calls to the last agent they interacted with. This helps in reducing wait time for resolution and also a familiar exchange of service. On the other hand, for a potential client, the business might engage differently.

The recording also helps a business to manage and compare business campaigns. A business can learn and redevelop campaigns that would have more success rates. It can be used as training tools for the agents or to develop marketing strategy tools.

  1. Improved operational efficiency: Virtual call center services are very strong in delivering quality service to customers. It reduces all manual work of routing calls to agents based on availability, caller history, location, etc. It ensures no leads are lost. It reduces customer wait time, provides immediate solution/ service delivery, and increases service satisfaction.
  2. Concurrent calls: Virtual call center services adhere to the needs of multiple callers at the same time. The concurrent call feature helps a business easily tackle huge call volume. It profits the business to be more professional, reduces traffic, and also increases the customer base. It makes planning and implementing multiple campaigns successful.
  3. Number masking: Entrepreneurs in India reply to virtual call center services because it helps to maintain privacy. With the number-making feature, communication becomes a safe space for both, the business and the customers. It reduces the risk of cybercrime or cyber violence.

Virtual Phone number providers can be chosen by a business through research and comparing each provider. Knowlarity is one of the popular virtual phone number providers. It offers a customized solution that can benefit Indian Entrepreneurs. The choice of language options or IVR menu can be customized with the help of experts from Knowlarity. It also helps businesses of every size and from every industry. The affordable packages make Knowlarity a popular and trusted virtual phone number provider. The solution can be easily installed and used, which can also be easily upgraded and integrated. It delivers promised quality and seamless services.

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