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Who says neon signs are only good for commercial branding? Neon is the new chic, and you can see personalized neon signs all throughout town. From commercial neon signs to bar neon signs, neon shop signs, the antique ambiance transports you back in time. The neon signs now adorn the walls of your bedrooms, kitchen, and living room. An otherwise dark space is brightened by the cool neon signs and clocks. Neon signs will do the job whether you want to set the tone for your next party or want to improve the décor of your man cave.

When it comes to neon wall décor, the eye-catching patterns of neon clocks and signs will have you rolling your eyes. It’s all up to your imagination and inventiveness, and you may order personalized neon signs for every room in your house. If you’re new to neon signs, check out this page for some incredible neon wall décor ideas with clocks and signage.

1. A “My World” Neon Sign will brighten up your bedroom.

Now that you’ve decided on a neon sign for your child’s room, it’s time to look for a lovely neon sign for your own bedroom. It is your happy place, where you seek comfort and spend the majority of your time. Your room’s décor should represent your personality and your theme. Most individuals’ priorities their families, which you can express with a bright “My Family, My World” statement. If you adore dazzling neon signs and clocks.

You can have more than one wall covered with your favorite sign. You can buy neon signs online or have bespoke neon signage manufactured to match your bedroom’s theme and style. While spectacular neon signs may electrify the walls of your home, the dazzling décor also works nicely in outer space. A little neon sign can provide a distinctive, customized touch to your décor.

  • I Won’t Give Up: When life hands your lemons, squeeze them and drink the lemonade. Putting up a personalized “I Won’t Quit” neon sign on one of the walls will constantly remind you that you can’t lose. While the neon sign will motivate you to keep working, it will also illuminate the area.
  • Rock a Red Lip: Red lips are timeless, and a trendy red lip neon sculpture is no exception. When sitting on a shelf in your home, the brilliant red neon lips will give the appropriate mood and romantic look.
  • You Can’t See Me: If you’re a wrestling fan, you’re probably familiar with this famous remark. “You can’t see me” is the ideal phrase for a neon sign to display your devotion to John Cena. The amazing neon sign will energies your walls and turn it into a bustling spot.

2. “What’s for Dinner?” “The Kitchen”

The kitchen is the most popular room in the house for obvious reasons, namely food. Cooking may be therapeutic and bring joy and happiness to many people. However, deciding what to prepare each day might be difficult. Perhaps it is one of the most frequently ask questions in every home. You must not overlook this vital place when decorating the various areas of your home. Make a neon sign with the phrase “What’s Cooking?” to hang over the cooking range.

For improved visibility, use a neon sign made in the USA constructed of high-quality neon glass. When deciding how to furnish and decorate your home, this is one area that cannot be ignored. Create a neon sign reading “What’s Cooking?” and place it over the stove. Use a high-quality neon glass sign created in the USA to have your message seen.

 3. Hang a Retro Neon Clock in Your Living Room

While neon wall décor comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, nothing beats the appeal of a classic neon clock. A classic neon clock is all you need if you love antiques and want to create a vintage vibe to your living area. If red is your color, choose a fantastic neon clock with a red neon tube. The red light reflecting off the white face of the clock will illuminate your living environment.

Don’t worry, neon signs and clocks are quite safe to touch. Even if the illumination is destroyed, there is no risk of electrocution because current UL-listed power sources instantly shut down the electric charge. The look of the wall is completed by neon signs.

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