international MBA and a Global MBA

What are the differences between an international MBA and a Global MBA?

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MBA is one of the most popular and widely accepted degrees across the world. There are a lot of career opportunities for MBA degree holders varying from being a business operation manager to a human resource manager and from IT manager to a financial manager, depending upon the coursework you have specialized in. The MBA degree is at your fingertips but the dissertation is the only thing in your way to grab it (, 2020). Students might face some difficulties in this coursework like any other coursework but they can take MBA Dissertation Help and other such forms of assistance with their academics. 

MBA degree:

MBA degree is the abbreviation for Masters in Business Administration that is a graduate-level degree program in which students are taught all the practicalities and theories of business administration. Various areas of business administration and management are covered in this degree. The degree starts with the teaching of core courses and building the foundation of the students in the related subject. After that, deeper information in the related field is provided. 

The business degree is very much based on the so-called hard skill courses. Courses in accounting, finance, strategy, and marketing dominate the majority of course hours with the soft skills courses of leadership and change management often allocated to just a few electives (Weybrecht, 2017). Students often buy the Marketing Dissertation Writing Service, management help, and other such writing assistance from professional writers to ease their academic load. 

Types of MBA degrees:

Different types of MBA degrees are provided in different business schools. Some of these are as follows:

  • Two-year full-time MBA program.
  • One-year full-time MBA program.
  • Online MBA.
  • Executive MBA.
  • International MBA.
  • Global MBA.

Courses provided in an MBA degree:

Some of the main courses that are provided in an MBA degree are as follows:

  • Accounting.
  • Marketing.
  • Management.
  • Finance.
  • Organizational behavior.
  • Economics.
  • Ethics, etc.

Difference between International MBA AND Global MBA:

Even though; International MBA and Global MBA are not that much different from one another, still some distinctions between them are pointed out in the following post:

  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Definition:

International MBA programs are the kind of business courses that are taught in foreign business schools. They are full-time programs that are provided in one or multiple international schools that cooperate with different schools so that students can have a wider knowledge of business schools around the world.

On the other hand; a Global MBA is a program in which students can acquire business skills at a global level. It gives a global perspective to the students of different courses in related fields like global economics, global finances, and global management.

  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Purpose:

International MBA program focuses on helping students learn about the issues that businesses across the world face. This is why these schools are internationally bonded with other schools because it allows them to know about international issues.

In the case of a global MBA; a student is taught how to handle the management of companies globally and how an economy works across the world. It might also provide the opportunity of studying abroad.

  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Coursework:

In an international MBA, the main focus is on teaching business functions on an international level. Broader aspects of the businesses are covered in this type of course. While in global MBA, such courses are taught to help in the building of global business settings.

  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Location:

As the name implies; the international MBA program is taught in foreign schools only as it provides a better understanding of business across the world whereas the global MBA program is taught within the boundaries of the nation.

  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Diversification:

The international MBA program provides a change of atmosphere and a totally different culture but it is not diverse. On the other hand; global MBA program diversity as people from abroad comes to study along with you carrying their different cultures with them.

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  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Job opportunities:

The job opportunities that are provided to students of international MBA degree holders are as follows;

  • Chief executive officer.
  • Administration service manager. 
  • Export and import management.
  • Export coordinator.
  • Foreign exchange management.
  • International finance.
  • International logistics, etc.

The career options for the students of Global MBA degree holders are as follows:

  • Global marketing manager.
  • Global sales manager.
  • Business development coordinator.
  • International logistics coordinator, etc.
  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Benefits:

The benefits that the international MBA program has to offer the students are as follows:

  • It expands academic and professional growth.
  • It provides better networking opportunities.
  • Imparts exclusive business ideas.

Similarly, there are certain benefits that students of the Global MBA program can take, which are;

  • It allows the students to interact with more students coming from different cultures.
  • It provides students with an enriching learning environment.
  • It provides global career opportunities to students.

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  • International MBA vs. Global MBA- Prestigious schools:

Some of the most prestigious schools teaching international MBA programs are as follows:

  • The University of South Carolina.
  • New York University Stern.
  • Columbia University.
  • Harvard University.
  • Saint Louis University.

Some of the best business schools that teach the Global MBA program are as follows:

  • The Wharton School University of Pennsylvania.
  • London Business School.
  • IE Business School.
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business.


MBA is one of the most popular and widely taught courses around the world. There are various courses if this program including the International MBA program and the Global MBA program. Both of these programs come with their own sets of pros and opportunities. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the students in understanding the difference between the two. 

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