Cloud Call Center Solutions

What are The Other Solutions That Can Be Integrated with Cloud call center?

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Introduction to Cloud Call Center Solutions

Cloud call center solutions are robust cloud communication network that streamlines complex businesses. It offers a seamless customer experience with minimum investment. It is used by businesses to make everyday communication easier and more efficient.

Cloud-based call center solutions in India are increasing every day as this technology makes communication very easy. It can be used to manage huge volumes of calls.  It is used for effective campaigns, marketing and sales. The inbound and outbound calls in cloud-based call centers can also use integrated solutions for specific usage.

Integration of Other Solutions with Cloud Call Center Solutions

Cloud-based call center solutions can be integrated with many other solutions. The major aim of the cloud call center solution remains the same but it caters to different needs and different audiences. The integration depends on the business needs, customers’ demands, changing market needs, and also the solution provider. The range of solutions that can be integrated with cloud-based centers are-

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – The solution can be integrated with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The cloud-based center can work as a virtual receptionist. The integration helps a business to answer and resolve customer issues with the IVR menu. It helps to offer services without any human interaction. It provides immediate service and customer satisfaction. Depending on the customer input, the calls can be transferred to the support agent of the appropriate department. A virtual receptionist reduces the need to transfer incoming calls to the right agent manually. It manages a large number of calls smoothly. It reduces wait time and holds calls.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration: Cloud-based call center solutions in India can highly benefit from CRM integration. This integration helps a business or any other organization administration with the data and information related to the customers. It is a technology that manages business relationships and interactions with customers and potential clients. It helps a business to enhance and strengthen business relationships. It supports a business to stay connected to the customers, improve profit, and streamline processes. There are three types of CRM that a business can choose from- operational, analytical, and collaborative. CCC integrated with CRM allows supporting agents by offering those details and call history in a unified interface. An agent can refer to this information to assist the customers better.
  3. Auto Dialer: CCC can be integrated with an auto dialer solution. With an auto dialer, the customers can be easily reached with little effort. It makes outbound calling very easy and instant. With auto dialing, a cloud-based call center can reach more customers while keeping track of several interactions, busy lines, and call drop details. It offers more engagement for customers and productive time for the agents. The three types of auto-dialer: predictive, progressive and preview dialer helps cloud-based call centers. Predictive dialers call new customers according to the available agents in the queue. A predictive dialer removes the wait time between calls by dialing the next number on the list. On the other hand, a preview dialer can choose to call customers from the list as they can preview the call list. They have the option to skip names from the list. It needs research to choose customers from the list for marketing.
  4. Click-to-Call: A CCC can integrate a click-to-call solution to connect with customers with just a click. The click-to-call solution is a real-time-based calling widget that can be easily configured on a website or mobile app. It supports the customers to reach the business easily and connect instantly. It offers a business the option to attract more customers and helps to generate leads.
  5. Toll-Free Solution: Toll-free number service can be integrated with cloud call center solutions to offer more communication. Toll-free numbers can support inbound calls. As the cost of calls is paid by the business, a call center can draw customers and enhance engagement. It can also help to create leads and maintain a database for sales and marketing. Toll-free numbers also help to track campaigns and offer 24×7 service availability for customers.

Cloud-based call center solutions in India are used by different industries like banking, entertainment, education, healthcare, tourism, travel etc. Toll-free number service can be integrated with cloud call center solutions to offer more communication.

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