Germany famous among students for MPhil studies?

Why is Germany famous among students for MPhil studies?

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With so many top-ranked universities and buzzing towns filled with history, exciting nightlife, and art galleries, it’s no surprise that thousands of young international students are choosing to study in Germany. Germany has recently been one of the most popular study destinations for international students. To be more specific, it is the third most popular destination!

But what exactly makes Germany so attractive place for students?

In this post, you will look at some of the main reasons why you should study in Germany, or you will search on the internet why is Germany famous among the students for MPhil studies just like when you search your Accounting Dissertation Topics on the internet and hopefully, you will find and understand why so many young students choose to move here for their MPhil studies.

Why should you study MPhil in Germany?

This post focused on the top reasons to study in Germany, but there are many more.

Here are some of the most common reasons students choose to study in Germany, and you will discover why Germany is popular among MPhil students.

  • Excellent Educational Institutions

German universities are well-known for providing high-quality education; many of them are ranked among the best in the world.

By choosing to MPhil study in Germany, you can be sure that you will receive an education that is far above the worldwide average, which will be quite useful when searching for employment after graduation.

  • Germany Is a Secure Nation

Germany is a very safe country when compared to other study destinations.

Whether it’s day or night, or whether you’re in the city or the countryside, being out and about is relatively safe if you take common sense precautions.

  • A Diverse Range of Study Program

Germany has many universities and offers a wide range of degree programs to fit everyone’s interests. Germany has made significant investments in engineering universities as an industrialized country, and engineering programs are now highly recognized at German universities. However, these universities offer many more study options, and some of them are world leaders in fields such as medicine and pharmacy (Ziegler, 2022).

Furthermore, the list of traditional courses in German universities is rapidly expanding as new study disciplines emerge accordingly with cutting-edge scientific advancement. Whether you want to learn about atoms or fascinating galaxies in the universe, Germany is bound to have a program offered by the most respected professionals on that topic.

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  • Low Or No Tuition Fees

At a time when higher education is becoming more important due to the increased need for highly skilled employees and the expense of attending university is rising faster, Germany is the only top study destination with free tuition fees.

According to a decision that went into effect in October 2014, all international students attending a public university in Germany will be free from paying regular tuition fees. International students will only have to pay a few administrative charges, such as a student contribution, a student union fee, and a public transportation ticket, totaling roughly €250 per semester.

  • Work Opportunities for International Students

According to German law, international students are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week or 120 full days per year. More than 60% of current international students are estimated to work part-time while studying in Germany.

You don’t need a qualification in the first place because there are many jobs accessible, and you will most likely find something. Students in Germany commonly work as tutors, bartenders, administrative workers, babysitters, and so on.

Working part-time while studying for your MPhil is an option you should definitely explore in Germany, even if you don’t need extra money to cover living expenses or your program does not involve a placement year. Working experience can improve your future employability, help you to be disciplined, and teach you to live independently.

  • Prospects for the Future

Your MPhil degree from a German university is a globally recognized and regarded qualification. As evidence of this, German degree holders have a high employability rate in the global job market.

As a result, once you obtain your degree, many employers will approach you with a variety of attractive job offers. They feel you can help them develop their business because of your professional credentials obtained through excellent education in Germany. Graduates from German universities are among the highest-paid employees due to their status as highly sought-after employment candidates.

That said, regardless of your academic field or the country where you want to work, your German MPhil degree will help you secure a high-paying and ideal job.

  • Learn a New Language

There are countless reasons why learning German is beneficial to you, ranging from future employability to emotional joy. Some international students who have language barriers face writing issues regarding in writing assignments or their coursework but with the technology advancement students can pay someone to write my assignment UK based services to overcome 

Germany is one of the world’s most powerful economies, and German is the most widely spoken native language on the European continent. German companies are worldwide leaders with an extensive global network of branches.

Thus, by speaking the German language, you are putting yourself in a position where they will approach you and offer you a job. On the other hand, the German language is widely spoken around the world, which means you will have the possibility to travel the world and explore places you have never visited before (thedissertationhelp, 2019).

  • Globally Recognized Study Programs

Study programs in German universities are modern in terms of structure and the way they’re delivered to students. They are intended to meet the latest scientific breakthroughs happening around the world and to educate persons who can confidently confront global challenges.

Their curriculum is constantly provided for and changed to identify or construct complete ways to teach and research. After your study, you will be awarded a globally recognized and valuable degree.

Employers all around the world look upon you with the highest respect because they are aware of the quality of education you have received during your studies, which makes them willing to hire you and trust you with large responsibilities.


Germany is a higher education destination. Unlike any other country, Germany has many worlds recognized universities, countless courses to choose from, globally regarded degrees that promise excellent employability, and low living costs.

Furthermore, Germany has a deep and rich history, as well as a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle that combines the modern and the classics.

Above are the main reason to study in Germany, not surprisingly, Germany is one of the top international student destinations in the world.

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