Ximena Saenz Age, Net Worth and Other Facts

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Ximena Saenz is one of the biggest social media stars today. She has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram account and her net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. She has also been featured on several other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. She is also known for her appearance in the film “The Last Song” and her role in the TV series “Scandal”.

Social media handles

Ximena Saenz is a rising star from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a model, actress, and social media personality. She has appeared in several films and television shows. She has also modeled for various magazines and companies. She has been featured in numerous publications and has a great fan following. She is also very active on Instagram and Twitter.

Ximena Saenz was born on June 11, 1983. She was raised in a family of six. She has a mother from Argentina and a father from Mexico. She was raised in a bilingual environment, speaking Spanish and English. She was educated at local schools. She studied Gastronomy at the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy. She has also studied Design of Image and Sound at UBA.

Net worth

Ximena Saenz is an actress who is known for her work in several films and TV shows. She also appears in various ad campaigns and magazines. She is also a social media star with an Instagram account. She is known for her beautiful figure and has earned a good net worth.

She is of Colombian descent. She is a model and has appeared in many Spanish-language films. She has also appeared in several ad campaigns for Calvin Klein and Mercedes-Benz. She is also known for her work on the show American Gods. She also has a clothing line. She has also worked in a number of fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

She is also a popular social media star with a huge fan base on various social networking sites. She has more than 130,000 followers on her Instagram account. Her other social networking sites include Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram followers

Ximena Saenz is a social media star with more than 110,000 followers on her Instagram account and a whopping 200,000 followers on her Tiktok account. She has been active on social media since the early 2020s and has garnered her fair share of notoriety. She currently wears a size 7 shoe and has a slim frame measuring 33-25-35 inches. With a promising future ahead, Ximena will undoubtedly be remembered in years to come.

Ximena’s first foray into the social media fray came in the form of a Vine account. She made the most of her newfound fame by sharing a number of witty vine videos. After a few viral hits, she expanded her reach by establishing a YouTube channel. The most impressive part of this endeavor was the tens of thousands of viewers she garnered, many of whom were genuinely curious.


Ximena Saenz has been on the social media scene for a while. She has been a model, Tiktok star and a well-rounded individual. The young Argentine has amassed a large following of fans and followers. She has a promising future ahead of her.

It is no secret that Ximena has been using social media to promote her brand and engage with fans since the dawn of the internet Ximena Saenz age. She has been a big time Tiktok star since she launched her account in May of 2011. She has also been featured in various media publications. She is a model of the pixie persuasion and has the requisite sex skills to boot.

While Ximena has not revealed her exact age, she was born in Buenos Aires on June 11, 1983. She is currently 17 years old and has yet to graduate from high school.

Favorite TV shows

Ximena Saenz is a popular Mexican actress and model. She has worked in various films and TV shows. She is currently working in American Gods on Starz. She has been active on social media platforms and has amassed a huge number of fans. She has earned a good sum of money through various sources. Ximena Saenz’s net worth is estimated at about $2 million. She has also appeared in various advertisements. She is also a singer. She has released two albums.

Ximena Saenz has a slender physique and hourglass figure. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She is also a talented chef. Her cooking style has been praised by numerous seasoned experts. She also enjoys playing tennis. She is also interested in photography.

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